Adventures in Holographic Dimer Models - High Energy Physics - TheoryReport as inadecuate

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Abstract: We abstract the essential features of holographic dimer models, and developseveral new applications of these models. First, semi-holographically couplingfree band fermions to holographic dimers, we uncover novel phase transitionsbetween conventional Fermi liquids and non-Fermi liquids, accompanied by achange in the structure of the Fermi surface. Second, we make dimer vibrationspropagate through the whole crystal by way of double trace deformations,obtaining nontrivial band structure. In a simple toy model, the topology of theband structure experiences an interesting reorganization as we vary thestrength of the double trace deformations. Finally, we develop tools that wouldallow one to build, in a bottom-up fashion, a holographic avatar of the Hubbardmodel.

Author: Shamit Kachru, Andreas Karch, Sho Yaida



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