Xelucha - 1896-Report as inadecuate

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Xélucha M.
Shiel He goeth after her...and knoweth not...- (From a diary) Three days ago! by heaven, it seems an age.
But I am shaken--my reason is debauched.
A while since, I fell into a momentary coma precisely resembling an attack of petit mal.
-Tombs, and worms, and epitaphs--that is my dream.
At my age, with my physique, to walk staggery, like a man stricken! But all that will pass: I must collect myself--my reason is debauched.
Three days ago! it seems an age! I sat on the floor before an old cista full of letters.
I lighted upon a packet of Cosmo’s.
Why, I had forgotten them! they are turning sere! Truly, I can no more call myself a young man.
I sat reading, listlessly, rapt back by memory.
To muse is to be lost! of that evil habit I must wring the neck, or look to perish.
Once more I threaded the mazy sphereharmony of the min...

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