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Zastrozzi Percy Bysshe Shelley CHAPTER I. ---That their God May prove their foe, and with repenting hand Abolish his own works--This would surpass Common revenge. --Paradise Lost. Torn from the society of all he held dear on earth, the victim of secret enemies, and exiled from happiness, was the wretched Verezzi! All was quiet; a pitchy darkness in volved the face of things, when, urged by fiercest revenge, Zastrozzi placed himself at the door of the inn where, undisturbed, Verezzi slept. Loudly he called the landlord.
The landlord, to whom the bare name of Zastrozzi was terrible, trembling obeyed the summons. -Thou knowest Verezzi the Italian? he lodges here.- -He does,- answered the landlord. Wed Mar 29 17:38:54 2017 2 -Him, then, have I devoted to destruction,- exclaimed Zastrozzi.
-Let Ugo and Bernardo follow you to his apartment; I will be with you to prevent mischief.- Cautiou...

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