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Title: Kwa and the Ape People Author: Perley Poore Sheehan CHAPTER I Lurking Death THERE where Sobek, the crocodile king, lay in his muddy cave, it was dim and silent.
But Sobek slowly raised his head and listened.
In the heavy twilight of the place his eyes shone like dim green lanterns. These eyes of his were all of two feet apart, set high in the barge of a skull that had the length of a man.
His body was like a fallen tree. Whatever it was he heard--or felt, through the faint and ever-singing vibration of the earth, which to him was a sort of wireless--Sobek decided to investigate.
Those short and crooked legs of his--looking comparatively skinny, at that--lifted his huge body as lightly as if it had been a mere dummy made of paper-maché, he began to walk.
His walk was awkward, but it was swift and springy....

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