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-------------------------------------------------------------------------A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook Title: Author: The Six of Calais George Bernard Shaw The Six of Calais: A Medieval War Story CONTENTS Prefatory Note THE SIX OF CALAIS Period--A.D.
4th August 1347. Scene--Before the Walls of Calais on the Last Day of the Siege. Wed Mar 29 17:37:48 2017 2 Camp of King Edward III. Author’s Note Prefatory Note The most amusing thing about the first performance of this little play was the exposure it elicited of the quaint illiteracy of our modern London journalists.
Their only notion of a king was a pleasant and highly respectable gentleman in a bowler hat and Victorian beard, shaking hands affably with a blushing football team.
To them a queen was a dignified lady, also Victorian as to her coiffure, graciously receiving bouquets from excessively...

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