Casanovas Alibi and Other Stories Report as inadecuate

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------Title: Casanova’s Alibi and Other Stories (a PGA compilation) Author: Rafael Sabatini CONTENTS: (The source of the story appears after the title) Preface Casanova’s Alibi (’Premier Magazine’ September 1914.
Reprinted in ’Turbulent Tales’ 1946.
Reprinted as ’The Alibi’ in ’The Fortunes of Casanova and Other Stories’ 1994) The Augmentation of Mercury (’Grand Magazine’ March 1918) The Priest of Mars (’Grand Magazine’ April 1918) The Oracle (’Grand Magazine’ May 1918) Under the Leads (’Grand Magazine’ June 1918) The Night of Escape (’Premier Magazine’ June 1917.
Reprinted in ’The Historical Night’s entertainment’, Series I, 191...

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