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Abstract: A network-s topology information can be given as an adjacency matrix. Thebitmap of sorted adjacency matrixBOSAM is a network visualisation tool whichcan emphasise different network structures by just looking at reorderedadjacent matrixes. A BOSAM picture resembles the shape of a flower and ischaracterised by a series of -leaves-. Here we show and mathematically provethat for most networks, there is a self-similar relation between the envelopeof the BOSAM leaves. This self-similar property allows us to use a singleenvelope to predict all other envelopes and therefore reconstruct the outlineof a network-s BOSAM picture. We analogise the BOSAM envelope to human-sfingerprint as they share a number of common features, e.g. both are simple,easy to obtain, and strongly characteristic encoding essential information foridentification.

Author: Yuchun Guo, Changjia Chen, Shi Zhou



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