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Abstract: Spacetime Algebra STA provides unified, matrix-free spinor methods forrotational dynamics in classical theory as well as quantum mechanics. Thatmakes it an ideal tool for studying particle models of zitterbewegung and usingthem to study zitterbewegung in the Dirac theory. This paper develops aself-contained dynamical model of the electron as a lightlike particle withhelical zitterbewegung and electromagnetic interactions. It attributes to theelectron an electric dipole moment oscillating with ultrahigh frequency, andthe possibility of observing this directly as a resonance in electronchanneling is analyzed in detail. A modification of the Dirac equation issuggested to incorporate the oscillating dipole moment. That enables extensionof the Dirac equation to incorporate electroweak interactions in a new way.

Author: David Hestenes

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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