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Abstract: The theory of decoherence attempts to explain the emergent classicalbehaviour of a quantum system interacting with its quantum environment. Inorder to formalize this mechanism we introduce the idea that the informationpreserved in an open quantum evolution or channel can be characterized interms of observables of the initial system. We use this approach to show thatinformation which is broadcast into many parts of the environment can beencoded in a single observable. This supports a model of decoherence where thepointer observable can be an arbitrary positive operator-valued measure POVM.This generalization makes it possible to characterize the emergence of arealistic classical phase-space. In addition, this model clarifies therelationships among the information preserved in the system, the informationflowing from the system to the environment measurement, and the establishmentof correlations between the system and the environment.

Author: Cédric Bény

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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