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Abstract: I present the results of radiation-driven mass-loss predictions for hot starsof all mass. Mass loss is an important aspect for the evolution of massivestars, the rotational properties of the progenitors of gamma-ray bursts, and isessential in assessing whether the most massive stars explode aspair-instability supernovae, or avoid them due to mass loss. As a result, therate of mass loss is critical for our understanding of the chemical enrichmentof the Universe. Of particular interest is the question whether luminous bluevariables are the direct progenitors of some supernovae. Although there is agrowing body of evidence to suggest this, it remains as yet unexplained bystate-of-the-art stellar evolution models. Finally, I discuss the relevance ofmass loss for the appearance and rotational properties of hot Horizontal Branchstars in globular clusters and subdwarf B stars in the field.

Author: Jorick S. Vink



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