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Abstract: With recent advances in the precision of inclusive lepton-nuclear scatteringexperiments, it has become apparent that comparable improvements are needed inthe accuracy of the theoretical analysis tools. In particular, when extractingparton distribution functions in the large-x region, it is crucial to correctthe data for effects associated with the nonzero mass of the target. We presenthere a comprehensive review of these target mass corrections TMC to structurefunctions data, summarizing the relevant formulas for TMCs in electromagneticand weak processes. We include a full analysis of both hadronic and partonicmasses, and trace how these effects appear in the operator product expansionand the factorized parton model formalism, as well as their limitations whenapplied to data in the x->1 limit. We evaluate the numerical effects of TMCs onvarious structure functions, and compare fits to data with and without thesecorrections.

Author: Ingo Schienbein, Voica A. Radescu, G.P. Zeller, M. Eric Christy, C.E. Keppel, Kevin S. McFarland, W. Melnitchouk, Fredrick I. Oln

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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