Gauge Contradictions in the QED Lagrangian DensityReport as inadecuate

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This work distinguishesbetween classical electrodynamics where Maxwell equations and the Lorentz forceare used as the theory’scornerstone MLE and electrodynamic theories that are derived from thevariational principle VE. The paper explains the significance of thisdistinction. Mathematical elements of gauge transformations are examined withinthe realm of these theories. The analysis proves that MLE is a gauge invarianttheory whereas errors arise from the introduction of gauge transformations intoVE. The paper explains why MLE evades the contradictions of VE.


Quantum Electrodynamics, Lagrangian Density, Gauge Transformation, Double Slit Experiment

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Comay, E. 2017 Gauge Contradictions in the QED Lagrangian Density. Open Access Library Journal, 4, 1-7. doi: 10.4236-oalib.1103596.

Author: Eliahu Comay



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