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In view of the imbalanceddistribution of power load and resources, including the status of -electric shortage- in some cities in our country, the article discusses thelong-distance transmission technology. It mainly analyzed two ways of thelong-distance transmission: UHV AC transmission and UHV DC transmission. Thefractional frequency transmission technology and half wavelength ACtransmission technology of AC transmission are introduced. Some key technologies of long-distancetransmission are described. It has a guess for long-distance transmissionfuture direction.


Energy; Long-distance; Ultra-high Voltage UHV; Alternating Current AC; Direct Current DC; Transmission

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X. Wu, X. Yang, H. Shen and Q. Zhou -Research on the Long-distance Transmission,- Energy and Power Engineering, Vol. 5 No. 4B, 2013, pp. 1293-1297. doi: 10.4236-epe.2013.54B245.

Author: Xueli Wu, Xiuyuan Yang, Hong Shen, Qinyong Zhou



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