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Presented herein is anew and independent derivation of equation for the radius of Black Holes, i.e. the event horizon of black holes.The equation has been derived by formulating the relativistic equation ofescape velocity derived from the relativistic equations for gravitationalpotential and kinetic energy. Based upon that, it is now shown that the actualsize of a black hole, as determined by its event horizon, is exactly half thevalue predicted by the escape velocity equation used in the Newtonianmechanics. It proves that the actual radius of a black hole is exactly one halfof the Schwarzschild radius.


Event Horizon; Black Hole; Lorentz Transformation; Relativity

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S. Aryan -Redefining the Event Horizon,- International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Vol. 3 No. 4, 2013, pp. 392-394. doi: 10.4236-ijaa.2013.34045.

Author: Shiv Raj Aryan



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