Carbohydrate-associated epitope-based anti-cancer drugs and vaccinesReport as inadecuate

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RP215 is one of the three thousand monoclonal antibodiesMabs which were generated against the OC-3-VGH ovarian cancer cell line.RP215 was shown to react with a carbohydrate-associated epitope locatedspecifically on glycoproteins, known as CA215, from cancer cells. Furthermolecular analysis by matrixadsorption laser desorption-ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry MALDI-TOF MS revealed that CA215 consists mainly of immunoglobulin super-familyIgSF proteins, including immunoglobulins, T-cell receptors, and celladhesion molecules, as well as several other unrelated proteins. Peptidemappings and glycoanalysis were performed with CA215 and revealed high-mannoseand complex bisecting structures with terminal sialic acid in N-glycans. Asmany as ten O-glycans, which are structurally similar to those of mucins, werealso identified. In addition, two additional O-linked glycans were exclusivelydetected in cancerous immunoglobulins but not in normal B cell-derived immunoglobulins.Immunizations of mice with purified CA215 resulted in the predominantgeneration of RP215-related Mabs, indicating the immunodominance of thiscarbohydrate-associated epitope. Anti-idiotype anti-id Mabs of RP215, whichwere generated in the rat, were shown to contain the internal images of thecarbohydrate-associated epitope. Following immunizations of these anti-idMabs in mice, the resulting anti-anti-id Ab3 responses in mice were found to be immunologically similar tothat of RP215. Judging from these observations, anti-id Mabs, whichcarry the internal image of the RP215-specific epitope, may be suitablecandidates for anticancer vaccine development in humans.


Anti-Cancer Drugs; Anti-Cancer Vaccines; Anti-Idiotype; CA215; Carbohydrate-Associated Epitope; Immunodominance; RP215

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Lee, G. , Huang, C. , Chow, S. and Chien, C. 2013 Carbohydrate-associated epitope-based anti-cancer drugs and vaccines. Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology, 4, 18-23. doi: 10.4236-abb.2013.49A003.

Author: Gregory Lee, Cheng-Yuan Huang, Song-Nan Chow, Chin-Hsiang Chien



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