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Abstract: We present multi-object spectroscopy of young, massive stars in the LocalGroup galaxy IC 1613. We provide the spectral classification and a detailedspectral catalog for 54 OBA stars in this galaxy. The majority of thephotometrically selected sample is composed of B- and A-type supergiants. Theremaining stars include early O-type dwarfs and the only Wolf-Rayet star knownin this galaxy. Among the early B stars we have serendipitously uncovered 6 Bestars, the largest spectroscopically confirmed sample of this class of objectsbeyond the Magellanic Clouds. We measure chemical abundances for 9 early-Bsupergiants, and find a mean oxygen abundance of 12+logO-H=7.90 +- 0.08.This value is consistent with the result we obtain for two HII regions in whichwe detect the temperature-sensitive OIII4363 auroral line.

Author: Fabio Bresolin IfA, Hawaii, Miguel A. Urbaneja IfA, Hawaii, Wolfgang Gieren Concepcion, Grzegorz Pietrzynski Concepcion, Rolf-Pet

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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