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Abstract: Various types of surface functionalized nanosilica 50-60 nm size with 3-10nm inner pore size range have been used to kill insect pests by sucking upcuticular lipids and breaking the water barrier. We have also utilizednanosilica for mopping up host lipids induced by the malarial parasite, P.gallinaceum in poultry birds; VLDL cholesterol and serum triglycerides arebrought back to the normal level with a concomitant check in parasite growth.While this work continues, we have explored another more convenient system,silkworm Bombyx mori that is frequently decimated by a baculovirus, NPV forwhich no antidote is known so far. Here, too, viral infection enhances hostlipids. Eight different types of nanosilica were injected in the virus infectedsilkworm batches of 10 worms after ensuring 100% survival up to cocoonformation in control larvae injected with the same volume of ethanol, themedium of nanosilica. Of these 8, AL60102 and AL60106, have the most markedeffect on infected silkworm, both as prophylactic and pharmaceutical agents.Normal larvae injected with these nanosilica survive up to cocoon formation.

Author: Ayesha Rahman, Dipankar Seth, Nitai Debnath, C. Ulrichs, I. Mewis, R. L. Brahmachary, A. Goswami


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