Piezo-on-Silicon Microelectromechanical ResonatorsReport as inadecuate

Piezo-on-Silicon Microelectromechanical Resonators

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This thesis reports on the use of sputter-deposited zinc-oxide as a transduction mechanism to actuate and sense single crystal silicon SCS microelectromechanical MEMS resonators. Low frequency prototypes of piezo-on-silicon resonators with operating frequencies in the range of hundreds of kHz were implemented using micromechanical single crystal silicon clamped-clamped beam resonators. The resonators reported here extend the frequency of this technology into very high frequency VHF range by using in-plane length extensional bulk resonant modes. This thesis outlines the design, implementation and characterization of high-frequency single crystal silicon SCS block resonators with piezoelectric electromechanical transducers. The resonators are fabricated on 4m thick SOI substrates and use sputtered ZnO as the piezo material. The centrally supported block resonators operate in their first and higher order length extensional bulk modes with high quality factor Q. Measurement results are in good agreement with the developed ANSYS simulations.

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