Reconstructing WIMP properties with neutrino detectors - High Energy Physics - PhenomenologyReport as inadecuate

Reconstructing WIMP properties with neutrino detectors - High Energy Physics - Phenomenology - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract: If the dark matter of the Universe is constituted by weakly interactingmassive particles WIMP, they would accumulate in the core of astrophysicalobjects as the Sun and annihilate into particles of the Standard Model.High-energy neutrinos would be produced in the annihilations, both directly andvia the subsequent decay of leptons, quarks and bosons. While Cherenkovneutrino detectors-telescopes can only count the number of neutrinos above somethreshold energy, we study how, by exploiting their energy resolution, largemagnetized iron calorimeter and, possibly, liquid argon and totally activescintillator detectors, planned for future long baseline neutrino experiments,have the capability of reconstructing the neutrino spectrum and might provideinformation on the dark matter properties. In particular, for a given value ofthe WIMP mass, we show that a future iron calorimeter could break thedegeneracy between the WIMP-proton cross section and the annihilation branchingratios, present for Cherenkov detectors, and constrain their values with goodaccuracy.

Author: Olga Mena INFN, Rome; Rome U., Sergio Palomares-Ruiz, Silvia Pascoli Durham U., IPPP



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