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Abstract: The self-binding energy and stability of a galaxy in MOND-based gravity arecuriously decreasing functions of its center of mass acceleration towardsneighbouring mass concentrations. A tentative indication of this breaking ofthe Strong Equivalence Principle in field galaxies is the RAVE-observed escapespeed in the Milky Way. Another consequence is that satellites of fieldgalaxies will move on nearly Keplerian orbits at large radii 100 - 500 kpc,with a declining speed below the asymptotically constant naive MOND prediction.But consequences of an environment-sensitive gravity are even more severe inclusters, where member galaxies accelerate fast: no more Dark-Halo-likepotential is present to support galaxies, meaning that extended axisymmetricdisks of gas and stars are likely unstable. These predicted reappearance ofasymptotic Keplerian velocity curves and disappearance of -stereotypicgalaxies- in clusters are falsifiable with targeted surveys.

Author: Xufen Wu, HongSheng Zhao, Benoit Famaey, G. Gentile, O. Tiret, F. Combes, G.W. Angus, A.C. Robin

Source: https://arxiv.org/


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