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Chromohydrodynamical instabilities induced by relativistic jets - High Energy Physics - Phenomenology - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract: We study the properties of the chromohydrodynamical instabilities induced bya relativistic jet that crosses the quark-gluon plasma. Assuming that the jetof particles and the plasma can be described using a hydrodynamical approach,we derive and discuss the dispersion laws for the unstable collective modes. Inour analysis the chromohydrodynamical equations for the collective modes aretackled in the linear response approximation. Such an approximation, valid forshort time scales, allows to study in a straightforward way the dependence ofthe dispersion laws of the collective modes on the velocity of the jet, on themagnitude of the momentum of the collective mode and on the angle between thesetwo quantities. We find that unstable modes arise for velocity of the jetlarger than the speed of the sound of the plasma and only modes with momentasmaller than a certain values are unstable. Moreover, for ultrarelativisticvelocities of the jet the longitudinal mode becomes stable and the mostunstable modes correspond to relative angles between the velocity of the jetand momentum of the collective mode larger than $\sim \pi-8$. Our resultssuggest an alternative mechanism for the description of the jet quenchingphenomenon, where the jet crossing the plasma loses energy exciting coloredunstable modes.

Author: Massimo Mannarelli, Cristina Manuel


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