Quantum chaos and critical behavior on a chipReport as inadecuate

 Quantum chaos and critical behavior on a chip

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The Dicke model describes N qubits or two-level atoms homogenously coupled to a bosonic mode. Here we examine an open-system realization of the Dicke model, which contains critical and chaotic behaviour. In particular, we extend this model to include an additional open transport qubit TQ coupled to the bosonic mode for passive and active measurements. We illustrate how the scaling in the number of qubits N of the superradiant phase transition can be observed in both current and current-noise measurements through the transport qubit. Using a master equation, we also investigate how the phase transition is affected by the back-action from the transport qubit and losses in the cavity. In addition, we show that the non-integrable quantum chaotic character of the Dicke model is retained in an open-system environment. We propose how all of these effects could been seen in a circuit QED system formed from an array of superconducting qubits, or an atom chip, coupled to a quantized resonant cavity e.g., a microwave transmission line.

Author: Neill Lambert; Yueh-nan Chen; Robert Johannsson; Franco Nori

Source: https://archive.org/

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