Comités de ética asistencial: de los grandes dilemas a los nuevos desafíos Report as inadecuate

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Andrea Mariel Actis ; Delia Outomuro ;Revista Bioética 2016, 24 1

Author: Patricia Sorokin



Revista Bioética ISSN: 1983-8042 Conselho Federal de Medicina Brasil Sorokin, Patricia; Actis, Andrea Mariel; Outomuro, Delia Comités de ética asistencial: de los grandes dilemas a los nuevos desafíos Revista Bioética, vol.
24, núm.
1, 2016, pp.
91-97 Conselho Federal de Medicina Brasília, Brasil Available in: How to cite Complete issue More information about this article Journals homepage in Scientific Information System Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal Non-profit academic project, developed under the open access initiative Comités de Ética Asistencial: de los grandes dilemas a los nuevos desafíos Patricia Sorokin 1, Andrea Mariel Actis 2, Delia Outomuro 3 Abstract Health Care Ethics Committees: from great dilemmas to new challenges Scientific and technological advances have revolutionized the history of medicine.
In this article, we aim to provide a brief analysis of the major ethical dilemmas that have emerged since the middle of the twentieth century as a result of technological developments, and analyze the way in which the first bioethics committees approached these issues.
Beginning with the Seattle Committee and continuing to consider proposals regarding patient autonomy, we highlight the growing awareness of doctors and patients of new scenarios in which the patient-doctor relationship is no longer dyadic but has expanded to allow the participation of other actors. Key-words: Committees.
Scientific advances. Resumen Los avances científicos-tecnológicos revolucionaron la historia de la medicina.
En este artículo, procuramos realizar un breve análisis de los principales dilemas éticos que han surgido como consecuencia del desarrollo tecnológico a partir de la mitad del siglo XX, así como focalizarnos en el estudio acerca de cómo han abordado estas cuestiones los primeros comités d...

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