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Abstract: We show that the integration constant in the vacuum Schwarzschild solutionhas the unique value, alpha 0=0, accordingly Black Holes too have the sameunique value of mass M0=0. Therefore the so-called Black Holes Candidates BHCcannot be true BHs. It is also shown that continued collapse of sufficientlymassive bodies would generate radiation pressure and energy dominatedquasistatic objects having surface gravitational redshifts z>>1. Under theassumption of baryon number conservation, such objects would take infinite timeto collapse to the idealized BH state with M=0 and z=infty. The localtemperature of such a stellar mass Eternally Collapsing Object ECO would beabove Quark Gluon Phase transition. ECOs would undergo intermittent violentradiative eruptions and pollute the interstellar medium with freshly madehydrogen out of their QGP and also the light elements cooked in their envelope.It is shown that the extremely redshifted observed temperature of an ECO couldbe 2.75 K and superposition of ECO background radiation might generate themicrowave back ground radiation. The predicted 2.75 K luminosity for thegalactic centre ECO, i.e., Sgr A*, L~3x1036 erg-s, nicely matches with thecorresponding estimate by Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe WMAP.

Author: Abhas Mitra


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