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Abstract: In 2006 the MAGIC telescope observed the well known very high energy VHE, >80 GeV blazars Mrk 421 and Mrk 501 in the course of multi-wavelengthcampaigns, comprising measurements in the optical, X-ray and VHE regime. MAGICperformed additional snapshot observations on Mrk 421 around the MWL campaignsand detected the source each night with high significance, establishing oncemore flux variability on nightly scales for this object. For certain nights,the integral flux exceeded the one of Crab significantly, whereas the trulysimultaneous observations have been conducted in a rather low flux state. TheMAGIC observations contemporaneous to XMM-Newton revealed clear intra-nightvariability. No significant correlation between the spectral index and the fluxcould be found for the nine days of observations. The VHE observations of Mrk501 have been conducted during one of the lowest flux states ever measured byMAGIC for this object. The VHE and optical light curves do not show significantvariability, whereas the flux in X-rays increased by about 50 %. In thiscontribution, the results of the MAGIC observations will be presented indetail.

Author: S. RĂ¼gamer, I. Oya, M. Hayashida, D. Mazin, R. M. Wagner, J. L. Contreras, T. Bretz, for the MAGIC Collaboration



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