Capture of Inelastic Dark Matter in the Sun - High Energy Physics - PhenomenologyReport as inadecuate

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Abstract: We consider the capture of dark matter in the Sun by inelastic scatteringagainst nuclei as in the inelastic dark matter scenario. We show that, assuminga WIMP-nucleon cross-section of \sigma n = 10^{-40}\cm^2 the resulting capturerate and density are sufficiently high so that current bounds on the muonneutrino flux from the Sun rule out any appreciable annihilation branchingratio of WIMPs into W^+W^-, Z^0Z^0, \tau^+\tau^-, t\bar{t} and neutrinos.Slightly weaker bounds are also available for annihilations into b\bar{b} andc\bar{c}. Annihilations into lighter particles that may produce neutrinos, suchas \mu^+\mu^-, pions and kaons are unconstrained since those stop in the Sunbefore decaying. Interestingly enough, this is consistent with some recentproposals motivated by the PAMELA results for the annihilation of WIMPs intolight bosons which subsequently decay predominantly into light leptons andpions.

Author: Shmuel Nussinov, Lian-Tao Wang, Itay Yavin



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