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Abstract: The electromagnetic characteristics of plane-transformed invisibility cloaksare quantitatively studied in this paper. We take elliptical cylindrical cloakas the example, and use an elliptical cylindrical wave expansion method toobtain the scattered field. It is demonstrated that an ideal ellipticalcylindrical cloak is inherently visible. Noticeable field scattering andpenetration will be induced when the cloak is exposed directly to anelectromagnetic wave. However, as long as the cloak consists of a perfectelectric conducting lining at the interior surface, perfect invisibility canstill be achieved along the direction parallel to the major axis of the cloakfor transverse magnetic illumination. Another plane-transformed cloak with aconical geometry is also proposed. The advantage of this cloak is that all thepermittivity and permeability elements are spatially invariant while none ofthem is singular. Hence, it is easily realizable with artificially structuredmetamaterials. Finally, we show that this kind of cloak can also be used tocloak objects on a flat ground plane.

Author: Yu Luo, Jingjing Zhang, Hongsheng Chen, Lixin Ran, Bae-Ian Wu, Jin Au Kong

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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