Computational Intelligence in Image Processing 2014Report as inadecuate

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Guest Editors: Erik Cuevas, Daniel Zaldívar, Gonzalo Pajares, Marco Perez-Cisneros, and Raúl Rojas Computational Intelligence in Image Processing 2014, Erik Cuevas, Daniel Zaldívar, Gonzalo Pajares, Marco Perez-Cisneros, and Raúl Rojas Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 782826, 3 pages Sealing Clay Text Segmentation Based on Radon-Like Features and Adaptive Enhancement Filters, Xia Zheng, Wei Wei, Houbing Song, and Wei Li Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 983601, 8 pages An Image Watermarking Scheme Using Arnold Transform and Fuzzy Smooth Support Vector Machine, Lin Sun, Jiucheng Xu, Xingxing Zhang, and Yun Tian Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 931672, 14 pages An Image Filter Based on Shearlet Transformation and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm, Kai Hu, Aiguo Song, Min Xia, Zhiyong Fan, Xiaoying Chen, Ruidong Zhang, and Zhichen Zheng Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 414561, 9 pages Stamps Detection and Classification Using Simple Features Ensemble, Paweł Forczmański and Andrzej Markiewicz Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 367879, 15 pages Multiscale Hybrid Nonlocal Means Filtering Using Modified Similarity Measure, Zahid Hussain Shamsi and Dai-Gyoung Kim Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 318341, 17 pages Applying BAT Evolutionary Optimization to Image-Based Visual Servoing, Marco Perez-Cisneros, Gerardo Garcia-Gil, Sabrina Vega-Maldonado, J. Arámburo-Lizárraga, Erik Cuevas, and Daniel Zaldivar Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 590138, 11 pages Multithreshold Segmentation by Using an Algorithm Based on the Behavior of Locust Swarms, Erik Cuevas, Adrián González, Fernando Fausto, Daniel Zaldívar, and Marco Pérez-Cisneros Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 805357, 25 pages Face Recognition Using MLP and RBF Neural Network with Gabor and Discrete Wavelet Transform Characterization: A Comparative Study, Fatma Zohra Chelali and Amar Djeradi Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 523603, 16 pages Inferring Visual Perceptual Object by Adaptive Fusion of Image Salient Features, Xin Xu, Nan Mu, and Hong Zhang Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 973241, 9 pages Multiframe Superresolution Reconstruction Based on Self-Learning Method, Shao-Shuo Mu, Ye Zhang, Ping Jia, Xun Yang, and Xiao-Feng Qiu Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 181864, 12 pages Automatic Segmentation of Nature Object Using Salient Edge Points Based Active Contour, Shangbing Gao, Yunyang Yan, Youdong Zhang, Jingbo Zhou, Suqun Cao, and Jianxun Xue Volume 2015 2015,Article ID 174709, 12 pages



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