Artificially Created Nucleic Acids and Peptides-Proteins in Chemical BiologyReport as inadecuate

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Guest Editors: Masayasu Kuwahara, Yingfu Li, Eriks Rozners, and Hiroshi Murakami Artificially Created Nucleic Acids and Peptides-Proteins in Chemical Biology, Masayasu Kuwahara, Yingfu Li, Eriks Rozners, and Hiroshi Murakami Volume 2013 2013,Article ID 219263, 2 pages Using Aptamers for Cancer Biomarker Discovery, Yun Min Chang, Michael J. Donovan, and Weihong Tan Volume 2013 2013,Article ID 817350, 7 pages Lighting Up RNA-Cleaving DNAzymes for Biosensing, Kha Tram, Pushpinder Kanda, and Yingfu Li Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 958683, 8 pages Dioxaphosphorinane-Constrained Nucleic Acid Dinucleotides as Tools for Structural Tuning of Nucleic Acids, Dan-Andrei Catana, Brice-Loïc Renard, Marie Maturano, Corinne Payrastre, Nathalie Tarrat, and Jean-Marc Escudier Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 215876, 17 pages Challenges and Opportunities for Small Molecule Aptamer Development, Maureen McKeague and Maria C. DeRosa Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 748913, 20 pages Genetically Encoded Libraries of Nonstandard Peptides, Takashi Kawakami and Hiroshi Murakami Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 713510, 15 pages Potential of Peptides as Inhibitors and Mimotopes: Selection of Carbohydrate-Mimetic Peptides from Phage Display Libraries, Teruhiko Matsubara Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 740982, 15 pages Artificial Specific Binders Directly Recovered from Chemically Modified Nucleic Acid Libraries, Yuuya Kasahara and Masayasu Kuwahara Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 156482, 13 pages Imaging mRNA Expression in Live Cells via PNA·DNA Strand Displacement-Activated Probes, Zhenghui Wang, Ke Zhang, Karen L. Wooley, and John-Stephen Taylor Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 962652, 11 pages Superior Silencing by 2′,4′-BNA

-Based Short Antisense Oligonucleotides Compared to 2′,4′-BNA-LNA-Based Apolipoprotein B Antisense Inhibitors, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Hidenori Yasuhara, Fumito Wada, Mariko Harada-Shiba, Takeshi Imanishi, and Satoshi Obika Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 707323, 7 pages In Vitro Selection of Fab Fragments by mRNA Display and Gene-Linking Emulsion PCR, Takeshi Sumida, Hiroshi Yanagawa, and Nobuhide Doi Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 371379, 9 pages Inhibition of HIV Replication by Cyclic and Hairpin PNAs Targeting the HIV-1 TAR RNA Loop, Gregory Upert, Audrey Di Giorgio, Alok Upadhyay, Dinesh Manvar, Nootan Pandey, Virendra N. Pandey, and Nadia Patino Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 591025, 9 pages Practical Tips for Construction of Custom Peptide Libraries and Affinity Selection by Using Commercially Available Phage Display Cloning Systems, Keisuke Fukunaga and Masumi Taki Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 295719, 9 pages Recent Advances in Chemical Modification of Peptide Nucleic Acids, Eriks Rozners Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 518162, 8 pages Combinatorial Synthesis, Screening, and Binding Studies of Highly Functionalized Polyamino-amido Oligomers for Binding to Folded RNA, Jonathan K. Pokorski and Daniel H. Appella Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 971581, 7 pages Directed Evolution of Proteins through In Vitro Protein Synthesis in Liposomes, Takehiro Nishikawa, Takeshi Sunami, Tomoaki Matsuura, and Tetsuya Yomo Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 923214, 11 pages A Concept for Selection of Codon-Suppressor tRNAs Based on Read-Through Ribosome Display in an In Vitro Compartmentalized Cell-Free Translation System, Atsushi Ogawa, Masayoshi Hayami, Shinsuke Sando, and Yasuhiro Aoyama Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 538129, 7 pages Structural and Functional Characterization of RecG Helicase under Dilute and Molecular Crowding Conditions, Sarika Saxena, Satoru Nagatoishi, Daisuke Miyoshi, and Naoki Sugimoto Volume 2012 2012,Article ID 392039, 8 pages



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