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Guest Editors: Zhi-Hua Li, Kaiyu He, Chunsheng Liu, Ping Li, and Vladimir Zlabek Aquatic Environmental Health and Toxicology, Zhi-Hua Li, Kaiyu He, Chunsheng Liu, Ping Li, and Vladimir Zlabek Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 3514898, 2 pages Effect of Salinity and Alkalinity on Luciobarbus capito Gill Na


-ATPase Enzyme Activity, Plasma Ion Concentration, and Osmotic Pressure, Longwu Geng, Guangxiang Tong, Haifeng Jiang, and Wei Xu Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 4605839, 7 pages Migration of BTEX and Biodegradation in Shallow Underground Water through Fuel Leak Simulation, Yaping Cheng, Yudao Chen, Yaping Jiang, Lingzhi Jiang, Liqun Sun, Liuyue Li, and Junyu Huang Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 7040872, 8 pages Developmental Toxicity of Carbon Quantum Dots to the Embryos-Larvae of Rare Minnow Gobiocypris rarus, Yuan-Yuan Xiao, Li Liu, Yao Chen, Yu-Lian Zeng, Ming-Zhi Liu, and Li Jin Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 4016402, 11 pages Spatiotemporal Distribution and Assemblages of Fishes below the Lowermost Dam in Protected Reach in the Yangtze River Main Stream: Implications for River Management, Junyi Li, Hui Zhang, Danqing Lin, Jinming Wu, Chengyou Wang, Xuan Xie, and Qiwei Wei Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 4290793, 8 pages Isolation, Identification, and Optimization of Culture Conditions of a Bioflocculant-Producing Bacterium Bacillus megaterium SP1 and Its Application in Aquaculture Wastewater Treatment, Liang Luo, Zhigang Zhao, Xiaoli Huang, Xue Du, Chang’an Wang, Jinnan Li, Liansheng Wang, and Qiyou Xu Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 2758168, 9 pages Microcystin Biosynthesis and mcyA Expression in Geographically Distinct Microcystis Strains under Different Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Boron Regimes, Ankita Srivastava, So-Ra Ko, Chi-Yong Ahn, Hee-Mock Oh, Alok Kumar Ravi, and Ravi Kumar Asthana Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 5985987, 13 pages Sequestration and Distribution Characteristics of CdII by Microcystis aeruginosa and Its Role in Colony Formation, Xiangdong Bi, Ran Yan, Fenxiang Li, Wei Dai, Kewei Jiao, Qixing Zhou, and Qi Liu Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 9837598, 7 pages Interaction Effects between Organochlorine Pesticides and Isoflavones In Vitro and In Vivo, Yunbo Zhang, Jipeng Guo, Xiao Zhang, Jingjing Guo, Ming Zhang, Yang Yang, and Xiaolin Na Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 6861702, 7 pages Effects of Acute and Chronic Heavy Metal Cu, Cd, and Zn Exposure on Sea Cucumbers Apostichopus japonicus, Li Li, Xiangli Tian, Xiao Yu, and Shuanglin Dong Volume 2016 2016,Article ID 4532697, 13 pages



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