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Abstract: Irradiation of graphene on SiO2 by 500 eV Ne and He ions creates defects thatcause intervalley scattering as evident from a significant Raman D bandintensity. The defect scattering gives a conductivity proportional to chargecarrier density, with mobility decreasing as the inverse of the ion dose. Themobility decrease is four times larger than for a similar concentration ofsingly charged impurities. The minimum conductivity decreases proportional tothe mobility to values lower than 4e^2-pi*h, the minimum theoretical valuefor graphene free of intervalley scattering. Defected graphene shows adiverging resistivity at low temperature, indicating insulating behavior. Theresults are best explained by ion-induced formation of lattice defects thatresult in mid-gap states.

Author: Jian-Hao Chen, W. G. Cullen, C. Jang, M. S. Fuhrer, E. D. Williams


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