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Abstract: In the next decade Type Ia supernovae SNe Ia will be used to test theoriespredicting changes in the Dark Energy equation of state with time. Ultimatelythis requires a dedicated space mission like JDEM. SNe Ia are maturecosmological probes - their limitations are well characterized, and a path toimprovement is clear. Dominant systematic errors include photometriccalibration, selection effects, reddening, and population-dependentdifferences. Building on past lessons, well-controlled new surveys are poisedto make strides in these areas: the Palomar Transient Factory, Skymapper, LaSilla QUEST, Pan-STARRS, the Dark Energy Survey, LSST, and JDEM. They willobviate historical calibrations and selection biases, and allow comparisons vialarge subsamples. Some systematics follow from our ignorance of SN Iaprogenitors, which there is hope of determining with SN Ia rate studies from0

Author: D. A. Howell, A. Conley, M. Della Valle, P. E. Nugent, S. Perlmutter, G. H. Marion, K. Krisciunas, C. Badenes, P. Mazzali, G. Ald

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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