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Abstract: Starting from an initial classical four dimensional flat background of theheterotic or type II superstrings, we are able to determine at the stringone-loop level the quantum corrections to the effective potential due to thespontaneous breaking of supersymmetry by -geometrical fluxes-.
Furthermore,considering a gas of strings at finite temperature, the full -effective thermalpotential- is determined, giving rise to an effective non-trivial pressure.
Thebackreaction of the quantum and thermal corrections to the space-time metric aswell as to the moduli fields induces a cosmological evolution that depends onthe early time initial conditions and the number of spontaneously brokensupersymmetries.
We show that for a whole set of initial conditions, thecosmological solutions converge at late times to two qualitatively differenttrajectories: They are either attracted to i a thermal evolution similar to aradiation dominated cosmology, implemented by a coherent motion of some modulifields, or to ii a -Big Crunch- non-thermal cosmological evolution dominatedby the non-thermal part of the effective potential or the moduli kineticenergy.
During the attraction to the radiation-like era, periods of acceleratedcosmology can occur.
However, they do not give rise to enough inflation e-fold< 0.2 for the models we consider, where N>1 supersymmetry is spontaneouslybroken to N=0.

Author: Francois Bourliot Ecole Polytechnique, Costas Kounnas Ecole Normale Superieure, Herve Partouche Ecole Polytechnique



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