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Abstract: Observations show that about the 20% of the Universe is composed by invisibledark matter DM, for which many candidates have been proposed. Inparticular, the anomalous behavior of rotational curves of galaxies i.e. theflattening at large distance instead of the Keplerian fall requires that thismatter is distributed in an extended halo around the galaxy. In order toreproduce this matter density profiles in Newtonian gravity and in cold darkmatter CDM paradigm in which the DM particles are collisionless, manyad-hoc approximations are required. The flattening of rotational curves can beexplained by a suitable modification of gravitational force in bigravitytheories, together with mirror matter model that predicts the existence of adark sector in which DM has the same physical properties of visible matter. Asan additional result, the Newton constant is different at distances much lessand much greater than 20 kpc.

Author: Nicola Rossi

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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