Active control applied to string instrumentsReport as inadecuate

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* Corresponding author 1 STMS - Sciences et Technologies de la Musique et du Son

Abstract : This study aims to control the soundboard-s vibrational eigenmodes in order to modify the timbre of string instruments. These structures are wooden plates of complex shapes, excited by strings through a bridge. In order to apply an efficient control on such systems, modal parameters are given by identification using classic algorithms on experimental measurements. Then it is possible to design a digital controller using these parameters and classic control methods. This controller is applied in a feedback loop. Quantity, dimensions and positions of sensors and actuators needed for the control are obtained from an intermediate optimisation step. At first, a simplified system is studied. The experiment is conducted on a rectangular spruce plate, boundary embedded and excited by an only string. The method described above is applied on this system. This simplified case and its results in term of changes in eigenmodes are presented here.

Keywords : Active control string instruments modal

Author: Simon Benacchio - Adrien Mamou-Mani Baptiste Chomette René Caussé -



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