Classical Interaction Cannot Replace Quantum Nonlocality - Quantum PhysicsReport as inadecuate

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Abstract: We present a two-player communication task that can be solved by a protocolof polylogarithmic cost in the simultaneous message passing model withclassical communication and shared entanglement, but requires exponentiallymore communication in the classical interactive model.Our second result is a two-player nonlocality game with input length $n$ andoutput of polylogarithmic length, that can be won with probability 1-o1 byplayers sharing polylogarithmic amount of entanglement. On the other hand, thegame is lost with probability $\Omega1$ by players without entanglement, evenif they are allowed to exchange up to k bits in interactive communication forcertain $k\in\Omegan^{1-4}$.These two results give almost the strongest possible and the strongestknown indication of nonlocal properties of two-party entanglement.

Author: Dmitry Gavinsky



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