The Chip Firing Game and Matroid ComplexesReport as inadecuate

The Chip Firing Game and Matroid Complexes - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

1 UNAM - Instituto de Matematicas

Abstract : In this paper we construct from a cographic matroid M, a pure multicomplex whose degree sequence is the h―vector of the the matroid complex of M. This result provesa conjecture of Richard Stanley Sta96 in the particular case of cographic matroids. We also prove that the multicomplexes constructed are M―shellable, so proving a conjecture of Manoj Chari Cha97 again in the case of cographic matroids. The proofs use results on a game for graphs called the chip firing game.

Keywords : Chip-firing game Tutte polynomial Simplicial complex

Author: Criel Merino -



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