Path independent integrals to identify localized plastic events in two dimensionsReport as inadecuate

Path independent integrals to identify localized plastic events in two dimensions - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

1 SVI - Surface du Verre et Interfaces 2 PMMH - Physique et mécanique des milieux hétérogenes 3 LMT - Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie

Abstract : We use a power expansion representation of plane elasticity complex potentials due to Kolossov and Muskhelishvili, to compute the elastic fields induced by a localized plastic deformation event. Far from its center, the dominant contributions correspond to first order singularities of quadrupolar and dipolar symmetry which can be associated respectively to pure deviatoric and pure volumetric plastic strain of an equivalent circular inclusion. Constructing holomorphic functions from the displacement field and its derivatives, it is possible to define path independent Cauchy integrals which capture the amplitudes of these singularities. Analytical expressions and numerical tests on simple finite element data are presented. The development of such numerical tools is of direct interest for the identification of local structural reorganizations which are believed to be the key mechanisms for plasticity of amorphous materials.

Keywords : plasticity amorphous inclusion singularity

Author: Mehdi Talamali - Viljo Petäjä - Damien Vandembroucq - Stéphane Roux -



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