Use of acids as additives in sugarcane silage Report as inadecuate

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Anibal C Rêgo ; René M Patiño ; Flavia O Scarpino van Cleef ; Jane MB Ezequiel ;Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias 2015, 28 4

Author: Eric HCB van Cleef



Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias ISSN: 0120-0690 Universidad de Antioquia Colombia van Cleef, Eric HCB; Rêgo, Anibal C; Patiño, René M; Scarpino van Cleef, Flavia O; Ezequiel, Jane MB Use of acids as additives in sugarcane silage Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias, vol.
28, núm.
4, 2015, pp.
356-359 Universidad de Antioquia Medellín, Colombia Available in: How to cite Complete issue More information about this article Journals homepage in Scientific Information System Network of Scientific Journals from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal Non-profit academic project, developed under the open access initiative 356  Short Communications Original articles Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias Use of acids as additives in sugarcane silage¤ Uso de ácidos como aditivos en el ensilaje de caña de azúcar Uso de ácidos como aditivos na silagem de cana de açúcar Eric HCB van Cleef1*, PhD; Anibal C Rêgo2, PhD; René M Patiño3, PhD; Flavia O Scarpino van Cleef1, BSc; Jane MB Ezequiel1, PhD. 1Department of Animal Science - Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho”, Jaboticabal, São Paulo, Brazil. 2Department of Animal Science - Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia, Belém, Pará, Brazil. 3Faculty of Agricultural Science – Universidad de Sucre, Sincelejo, Colombia. (Received: July 21, 2014; accepted: April 6, 2015) doi: 10.17533-udea.rccp.v28n4a08 Summary Background: sugarcane silage often becomes a problem for the producers due to its high population of yeast and its high content of soluble carbohydrates.
Objective: to evaluate the effect of formic and phosphoric acid on the chemical composition, fermentation characteristics, and digestibility of sugarcane silages.
Methods: sugarcane was ensiled in experimental mini-silos.
Five treatments were evaluated in the ensilage process (sugarcane added with 0.5 o...

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