Contribution des légumineuses à la biodiversité des paysages rurauxReport as inadecuate

Contribution des légumineuses à la biodiversité des paysages ruraux - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

* Corresponding author 1 FARE - Fractionnement des AgroRessources et Environnement 2 P3F - Unité de Recherche Pluridisciplinaire Prairies et Plantes Fourragères 3 UPR 1934 Centre d-études biologiques de Chizé. CEBC 4 UR 0874 Unité de recherche sur l-Ecosystème Prairial 5 Labo-service de l-auteur 6 AE - Abeilles et Environnement 7 Labo-service de l-auteur 8 Agronomie 9 LAE - Laboratoire Agronomie et Environnement 10 SAS - Sol Agro et hydrosystème Spatialisation

Abstract : Legumes, besides being self-sufficient for nitrogen nutrition, contribute to enrich the pool of cropsrotations in livestock, crop or mixed agricultural systems. Therefore legumes contribute to biodiversity inrural landscape, directly as grassland and crop species and plant genotypes, and indirectly as habitatsfor wild fauna insects, birds, soils fauna and micro biomass. Agricultural systems and practices greatlyinfluence their abundance. Management of permanent grasslands, including cut-graze ratio, stockingrates, fertilization, interacting with soil and climate conditions, determine legumes abundance anddiversity, that react quickly to changes of grassland use, and contribute to grassland resilience. In cash crop areas, introducing grain legumes or alfalfa allow a decrease in weeds development and in the useof herbicides. After the state of the art survey concerning impacts of farming systems on legumes, weillustrate some examples of cropping system management including alfalfa, to highlight how adaptedpractices crop growth, harvest, crops rotations can help to reverse legumes decline, by substantiallyimproving both agricultural production, animal and plant biodiversity

Keywords : légumineuses prairie biodiversité adventice systèmes de cultures ley- arable rotation indicateur grain and grassland legume

Author: Pascal Thiebeau - Isabelle Badenhausser - H. Meiss - Vincent Bretagnolle - Pascal Carrère - P. Chagué - Axel Decourtye - T. Mal



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