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Abstract: We consider a 6D extension of the Randall-Sundrum RS model, RS6, where theStandard Model SM gauge fields are allowed to propagate in an additionaldimension, compactified on $S^1$ or $S^1-Z 2$. In a minimal scenario, fermionspropagate in the 5D RS subspace and their localization provides a model offlavor. New Kaluza-Klein KK states, corresponding to excitations of the gaugefields along the 6th dimension, appear near the TeV scale. The new gauge KKmodes behave differently from those in the 5D warped models. These RS6 stateshave couplings with strong dependence on 5D field localization and, within theSM, only interact with heavy fermions and the Higgs sector, to a very goodapproximation. Thus, the collider phenomenology of the new gauge KK statessensitively depends on the 5D fermion geography. We briefly discuss inclusionof SM fermions in all 6 dimensions, as well as the possibility of going beyond6D.

Author: Hooman Davoudiasl, Thomas G. Rizzo



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