Super Schrodinger algebra in AdS-CFT - High Energy Physics - TheoryReport as inadecuate

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Abstract: We discuss extended super Schrodinger algebras obtained as subalgebras ofthe superconformal algebra psu2,2|4. The Schrodinger algebra with two spatialdimensions can be embedded into so4,2. In the superconformal case theembedded algebra may be enhanced to the so-called super Schrodinger algebra. Infact, we find an extended super Schrodinger subalgebra of psu2,2|4. Itcontains 24 supercharges i.e., 3-4 of the original supersymmetries and thegenerators of so6, as well as the generators of the original Schrodingeralgebra. In particular, the 24 supercharges come from 16 rigid supersymmetriesand half of 16 superconformal ones. Moreover, this superalgebra contains asmaller super Schrodinger subalgebra, which is a supersymmetric extension ofthe original Schrodinger algebra and so6 by eight supercharges half of 16rigid supersymmetries. It is still a subalgebra even if there are no so6generators. We also discuss super Schrodinger subalgebras of the superconformalalgebras, osp8|4 and osp8^*|4.

Author: Makoto Sakaguchi, Kentaroh Yoshida


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