Geometrical Stochastic Modeling and Characterization of 2-D Crystal PopulationReport as inadecuate

Geometrical Stochastic Modeling and Characterization of 2-D Crystal Population - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

* Corresponding author 1 PROPICE-ENSMSE - Département PROcédés Poudres, Interfaces, Cristallisation et Ecoulements 2 SPIN-ENSMSE - Centre Sciences des Processus Industriels et Naturels 3 LGF-ENSMSE - UMR 5307 - Laboratoire Georges Friedel

Abstract : The presented work is motivated by a pharmaceutical issue. Indeed, the production of drugs involves a crystallization process in solution depending on several parameters and their quality is closely linked to its geometrical characteristics size, shape, quantity

Therefore, it is necessary to control the distribution of the -crystal geometry- during the process. To meet this goal, an in-situ optical acquisition system provides images of the crystal population crystals’ population, giving access to the projected particles during the process. These images highlight the overlapping of the crystals caused by the 2-D projection and it is consequently difficult to individualize the particles for further characterization. Therefore, after a binarization process 1, the objective of this work is to investigate stochastic geometrical models so as to represent these binary images and to get the geometrical characteristics of the crystals.

Keywords : morphology Boolean models stochastic geometry mean geometric covariogram granulometry

Author: Rahmani Saïd - Jean-Charles Pinoli - Debayle Johan -



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