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Abstract: Supernovae of Type II is a phenomenon that occurs at the end of evolution ofmassive stars when the iron core of the star exceeds a mass limit. Aftercollapse of the core under gravity the shock wave alone does not succeed inexpelling the mass of the star and in this sense the role of neutrinos is themost important mechanism to do so. During the emission of neutrinos flavorconversion is possible, related the phenomenon of oscillations, which howeverdepends directly on the particular density profile of the medium. In this paperwe present results of numerical simulations of neutrino flavor conversion inprotoneutron stars and after collapse. The probabilities of survival for agiven flavor in a complete three-flavors framework is estimated through analgorithm which conserves unitarity to a high degree of accuracy. Thesensitivity of the results to the different adopted models for the protoneutronstar structure is examined in detail demonstrating how the neutrino signalcould be used to check the validity of models.

Author: M. Baldo, V. Palmisano


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