Fixing the U-band photometry of Type Ia supernovaeReport as inadecuate

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We present previously unpublished photometry of supernovae 2003gs and 2003hv. Using spectroscopically derivedcorrections to the U-band photometry, we reconcile U-band light curves made from imagery with the Cerro Tololo0.9 m, 1.3 m, and Las Campanas 1 m telescopes. Previously, such light curves showed a 0.4 mag spread at onemonth after maximum light. This gives us hope that a set of corrected ultraviolet light curves of nearby objectscan contribute to the full utilization of rest-frame U-band data of supernovae at redshift ∼0.3–0.8. As pointed outrecently by Kessler et al. in the context of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey supernova search, if we take the publishedU-band photometry of nearby Type Ia supernovae at face value, there is a 0.12 mag U-band anomaly in the distancemoduli of higher redshift objects. This anomaly led the Sloan survey to eliminate from their analyses all photometryobtained in the rest-frame U-band. The Supernova Legacy Survey eliminated observer frame U-band photometry,which is to say nearby objects observed in the U-band, but they used photometry of high-redshift objects no matterin which band the photons were emitted.Nota general

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Author: Krisciunas, Kevin; - Bastola, Deepak; - Espinoza, Juan; - González, David; - González, Luis; - González Tagle, Sergio; - Hamuy



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