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Abstract: Detailed schemes are investigated for experimental verification of QuantumZeno effect with a superconducting qubit. A superconducting qubit is affectedby a dephasing noise whose spectrum is 1-f, and so the decay process of asuperconducting qubit shows a naturally non-exponential behavior due to aninfinite correlation time of 1-f noise. Since projective measurements caneasily influence the decay dynamics having such non-exponential feature, asuperconducting qubit is a promising system to observe Quantum Zeno effect. Wehave studied how a sequence of projective measurements can change the dephasingprocess and also we have suggested experimental ways to observe Quantum Zenoeffect with a superconducting qubit. It would be possible to demonstrate ourprediction in the current technology.

Author: Yuichiro Matsuzaki, Shiro Saito, Kosuke Kakuyanagi, Kouichi Semba

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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