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Abstract: Equilibrium and motion of a contact line are viewed as analogs of phaseequilibrium and motion of an interphase boundary. This point of view makesevident the tendency to minimization of the length of the contact line atequilibrium. The concept of line tension is, however, of limited applicability,in view of a qualitatively different relaxation response of the contact line,compared to a two-dimensional curve. Both the analogy and qualitativedistinction extend to a non-equilibrium situation arising due to coupling withreversible substrate modification. Under these conditions, the contact line maysuffer a variety of chemo-capillary instabilities fingering, traveling andoscillatory, similar to those of dissipative structures in nonlinearnon-equilibrium systems. The preference order of the various instabilitieschanges, however, significantly due to a different way the interfacialcurvature is relaxed.

Author: L.M.Pismen


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