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Experimental multiparticle entanglement dynamics induced by decoherence - Quantum Physics - Download this document for free, or read online. Document in PDF available to download.

Abstract: Multiparticle entanglement leads to richer correlations than two-particleentanglement and gives rise to striking contradictions with local realism,inequivalent classes of entanglement, and applications such as one-way ortopological quantum computing. When exposed to decohering or dissipativeenvironments, multiparticle entanglement yields subtle dynamical features andaccess to new classes of states and applications. Here, using a string oftrapped ions, we experimentally characterize the dynamics of entanglement of amultiparticle state under the influence of decoherence. By embedding anentangled state of four qubits in a decohering environment via spontaneousdecay, we observe a rich dynamics crossing distinctive domains:Bell-inequality violation, entanglement superactivation, bound entanglement,and full separability. We also develop new theoretical tools for characterizingentanglement in quantum states. Our techniques to control the environment canbe used to enable novel quantum-computation, state-engineering, and simulationparadigms based on dissipation and decoherence.

Author: J. T. Barreiro, P. Schindler, O. Gühne, T. Monz, M. Chwalla, C. F. Roos, M. Hennrich, R. Blatt

Source: https://arxiv.org/

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