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Multidimensional measurement of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa Subtitle: Ophi working paper no. 13

Abstract: Since the seminal works of Sen, poverty is recognized as multidimensional phenomenon.Recently, there is a renewed interest in this approach since relevantdatabases became available. Several methods of aggregation have been suggestedto measure poverty in this way. Up to now, there is no consensus on the best measure.However, a suitable measure should satisfy some useful properties. Alkireand Foster (2007) propose a multidimensional poverty measure using a counting approach.This method is applied to estimate multidimensional poverty in fourteen Sub-SaharanAfrican countries. Poverty identification is based on four dimensions (assets,health, schooling and empowerment). The main results show important differences inpoverty among the countries of the sample. The findings are compared with some standardmeasures such as Human Development indicators (HDI) and the income povertyamong others. Comparisons show that consider additional dimensions leads to countryrankings different from the standard-based rankings. Poverty is also decomposedby rural and urban location and by dimension. Rural areas are identified obviously asthe poorest while schooling appear to be in general the most contributor in poverty.Finally, some robustness and sensitivity analyses are done.

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Author: Yele Batana - institutionUniversity of Oxford facultySSD, Queen Elizabeth House, Department of International Development research



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