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Abstract: We propose the -supersymmetric SUSY Yukawa sum rule-, a relationshipbetween physical masses and mixing angles of the third-generation quarks andsquarks. The sum rule follows directly from a relation between quark and squarkcouplings to the Higgs, enforced by SUSY. It is exactly this relation thatensures the cancellation of the one-loop quadratic divergence in the Higgs massfrom the top sector. Testing the sum rule experimentally would thus provide apowerful consistency check on SUSY as the solution to the gauge hierarchyproblem. While such a test will most likely have to await a futurenext-generation lepton collider, the LHC experiments may be able to makesignificant progress towards this goal. If some of the terms entering the sumrule are measured at the LHC, the sum rule can be used within SUSY frameworkto put interesting constraints on the other terms, such as the mixing anglesamong third-generation squarks. We outline how the required mass measurementscould be performed, and estimate the accuracy that can be achieved at the LHC.

Author: Monika Blanke, David Curtin, Maxim Perelstein


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